Life is powerful

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Life is extremely powerful.


Because it does nothing, but leaves nothing undone.




I love this quote so much.


What if instead of focusing on

  • Making it happen
  • Doing things
  • Achieving goals
  • Completing the to-do list
  • Making dreams come true

We were just being ?


That sounds like a fancy plan isn’t it?


So here’s what I mean with being versus doing.





Feeling good




Feeling relaxed


Feeling happy


Embodying your truth


Being present


Being there


Taking the right actions


Feeling exactly where you’re supposed to be


Letting go of others’ opinions




Feeling fearless


Feeling empowered


Living the dream everyday


Letting go of everything that doesn’t serve you




Thinking strategy


Contracting, keeping it tight




Feeling overwhelmed


Feeling overly excited and passionate


Pushing yourself harder and harder


Taking action


Challenging yourself


Fighting against your fears


Trying to make it happen


Checking the to do list


Having body tensions


Thinking hard about solutions


Not entirely trusting yourself


Feeling that there’s always more to accomplish



You know when they say to walk the talk?

I’d say it’s time to live the dream!

Everything is already perfect now and it doesn’t matter if doesn’t look like the final picture you have in mind yet. You already are living your dream just by embodying it and taking that first step toward it.


Powerful huh?


The more you put pressure on yourself the more you’ll feel stressed and anxious.


We have this idea, this belief, that we should fight hard to make a dream come true, and therefore not feel good before that dream comes true.



Too hard, and violent on our body and our mind.



Let’s enjoy the process,

Let’s have fun during the journey,

The dream is already there as soon as you decide to move forward and be the person who lives that dream.


It’s time for happiness and freedom,


Think differently,


Floriane x


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