Your current profession... 

I am a teacher

 What was your dream few years ago? 
  • I wanted my children to find their own way in life
  • I wanted to achieve the long path that I started to follow years ago, I mean my university studies
 Did you realize it? 
  • You'll have to ask to my children
  • I am currently finishing my doctoral thesis
 How did you achieve it? 

A lot of work, determination, presence, caring listening and love

 What qualities helped you achieve it? 

Patience, unconditional love and trust toward myself, my children and something bigger than us.

 Are you developing new qualities? 

Openness to others, attentiveness and creating that inspiring empty space within to renew the energy.

 What would you like to have been told at your beginnings? 

Everything will be ok. You are safe, nothing can ever hurt your soul. Do what makes your heart singing.

 What would you say to someone who’d like to achieve his/her dream? 

Never give up, everything will be ok.

 Do you have a word, a sentence, a mantra you tell to yourself to keep moving on? 

FREEDOM. Live every second like the last. Be happy.

 Do you have a new dream? What it is? 

I am in a very special moment in my life. I spent 50 years fighting for my dreams. And suddenly, I have no dream, at all. I think I'm in a kind of total acceptance of what is. As if I had finished dreaming and I was about to wake up!