Meditation? It’s not about the name, it’s about the feeling

When I am connected I feel like everything is literally possible.

I feel like I belong.

I feel like I am enough.

I feel like I am whole.

I feel like I am part of this life.

I feel that I am exactly where I need to be, I do exactly what I need to do, I am exactly who I am supposed to be.

When I connect to my inner self, to the Universe, to the Gods and the Life,

I am fully aligned.

I am.

I just am.


And that is brilliant.

That is perfect.

That is thrilling.

That is carrying me away.

That is inspiring me.

That is relaxing.

That is utterly amazing.



I used to be one of those for whom meditation was an absolute nightmare.

And quite frankly it still is.

That why I don’t call it meditation anymore.

That’s why I don’t force myself to always sit still in Lotus position.

That’s always why I listen sometimes to more modern meditation audio or videos, that are less boring. For my own taste.

Or I just sit and breathe, and go back to this feeling of relief that I know is the indicator that I found my inner self.



What I recently found out.

To whomever felt once or twice this absolute feeling of pure relaxation and understanding but couldn’t get back to it,

This is what I have learn.


This ‘meditation’ pause, this deep reconnection to yourself

Is a simple tool to calm the mind so you can get back to what matters really and what Life is about.

It helps you switch back to a conscious and meaningful Life,

It helps you slow down your frantic self.


It takes a minute or two, sometimes more.

Sometimes you have to start with physical exercise,

You cannot realistically hope for absolute stillness when you actually are in deep storm.

This is now what I do,

I aim for a meaningfully led Life,

and I don’t hesitate to press pause often enough in my day to simply breathe, and watch, the outer and inner world.


And guess what, the more you practice this reconnection,

The quicker it gets.


And the more you will take decisions that are actually good for yourself.

This is how you build a new life, a life that suits you.

This is how you make it change, step by step,

Simply by Being There.



Call it however you’d like

Meditation, inspiration, drawing, cooking, gardening, breathing, practising yoga, swimming, walking,

The point is,

Use that activity to switch on Who you Are, and what actually Matter to You.

Frantic doesn’t Know.

You Know.


Love and relaxing vibes,


Floriane x

2 thoughts on “Meditation? It’s not about the name, it’s about the feeling

  1. This is amazing. So inspired. I feel new in those inner moments. Like limitless. Thank you so much for your help.

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