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MEW – Beta version

Hello everyone

Dear future Beta Testers,

Thank you for being here.

I do believe things get to be easy and we get to enjoy working; not just a tenth of the time but all the time. And it starts with us, how we see things, what we expect to happen, what we believe in. If you are ready to flip your world upside down and dare to happily be moving through your life….

MEW stands for Mindful Easy Working.

It is meant to help anyone self-employed or employed to find the easy path at work.

When your start leading a more mindful life and get in touch more often with your inner self; things tend to feel more easy, you end up more relax and calmer! Who wouldn’t want to have stress-free days?

Whilst I can’t promise 0% stress, I can guide you towards a more peaceful place where you feel more content, more confident and supported.

After all, who better than yourself to be your own personal cheerleader right?

I am firmly convinced that you can aim for success, be at the head of a huge company, work in a company, start your own company whatever the situation is and still choose to trust yourself and flow through life gracefully.

It doesn’t mean life will not throw at you challenges and struggles. Unfortunately not. But it does mean that you can choose how to act upon those and not just react. You can choose the story you are writing, you can take full responsibility and whilst this is a scary thing it is also the thing that will bring you the most freedom and peace.

Add more kindness. Add more compassion. Train your mind to see the bigger picture. Train yourself to see things differently. Rewire it all.

Actually; just be. It is a course to learn how to BE. And know who we are, deal with who we are, support who we are, make sure we make it work for us and not loose ourselves into someone else’s game.

This course is accessible now!

And I have created an option for you to choose either the online course only (which is already over 5h content with prompts, exercises and meditations) or go even deeper and treat yourself with 3h of individual coaching with me.

I have just finished the live version of this course and here are what my live Beta Testers have to say:

I highly recommend working with Floriane I’ve been part of her new cohort of people and 3 weeks in I’m learning so much about myself, feeling refreshed and focused!


This is so interesting!! It’s so important to try and put words on your feelings. It helps me to realise that all feelings are transient


Your meditation was brilliant, I felt like I was dreaming. Truly! PS: ‘don‘t wait until the end of the day/week/until you are sick to take some time’ that might apply to me 😱

Course options

Add your name and email address to make sure I can reach out to you 😉

You will be sent the full course as soon as it is ready; 20 videos approx 20min each recorded live with exercises, prompts, physical insights and meditation. Everything you need to jump into more mindfulness even at work!

If you chose the 3h individual coaching (usually 3 x 1h) we will set the dates for our weekly meeting!

Can’t wait to count you among my MEW Beta Testers!

PS: The new version will be launched in 2021 to a complete different price, this is your chance to grab the best content at very little cost 😉