My definition of Pilates

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I get asked a lot, what is Pilates?

Well, I gave you the NHS definition last time and as promised here you’ll find mine. Doesn’t mean it will be entirely true, doesn’t mean it will be wrong either. It’s just mine.

I’ve started home exercise with Yoga. I’m definitely a yoga girl, I love flowing into Vinyasa, I love the stillness of yin yoga.

And then I discovered Pilates, with the amazing bohobeautiful on Youtube. I loved the fitness side of it.

And then I’ve started a training to actually become a Pilates teacher with Sindia and Mariana from Art Indigo in France. They teach worldwide. And here it occurred to me. Pilates was the perfect combination between rehabilitation and fitness. It’s about grace, elegance, harmony. It’s about the body flowing into the exercises. It’s about working out the body in its physiological way. It’s about releasing the tensions and building strength. Not improving the strength and creating tension. Big difference to me.

Pilates has been the meaning I’ve been looking for since I started working as a Physio. It is logical. It all makes sense physiologically, biomechanically, anatomically. Pilates is learning how to use your body correctly.

That why it’s so great. You can just come, learn and then leave. You’ll know forever. You’ll be able to drive, practice sport, any sport, without injuring yourself because you’ll know how to posture your body. You’ll know how to use your muscles.

It’s mind blowing. You’ll develop a new connection to your body, a real awareness. That changes the mind too. You’ll just experience some Taoism basic, oneness, wholeness. How the limbs move separately while the body remains a whole.

Our human bodies are shape to be healthy and have a good posture. We just tend not to do it in our daily life, because we use an overwhelmed life as an excuse. I would be the first to. But deep down the body has its own intelligence. We just need to learn and understand it.

Pilates is about flow, life, movement. It’s about getting the whole body to move and to feel good. Rebalanced.

Speak soon,

Floriane x

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  1. Thanks for your beautiful article. It is very interesting. I am really grateful that you are a very good teacher now

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