Be Yourself Live Whole – Chapter 3


“Stand strong.

Stand fierce.

Stand kind.

Stand peacefully.

Stand in all ways you are.

You feeling bad is still you being you.

You feeling good is you being you.

You being scared is you being you.

You are an ever evolving, ever learning, ever growing being.

You are capable of extraordinary things just by being you.”


This chapter is very special to me, I shared my own thoughts process as I started to reflect on this past year. Everything I felt about it, how I analysed it, how I understood it, how I embodied it. How I let go too. I also included my own journaling on my intention for next year.

Answer the questions that matter, find your core truth. Look at yourself with a kind eye.

Self confidence arises when you flow from actions to stillness.

Now is a great time to be still and reflect.


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