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Queen Turtle

It’s a course to slow down and and see yourself differently

It’s a course to feel loved, strong and powerful

Realise how much taking care of yourself makes a difference

Acknowledge that you can go slow and still be part of the game

Hustle isn’t a requirement

Feel safe to make a change

Feel good about yourself

Stand your ground and find your inner voice

This course is meant to help you feel all of it and walk your first step

Make each stride count

Get access to videos and a WhatsApp group for daily support and inspiration.

Course options

Fun ‘facts’

Turtle symbolise: self pace, strength, patience, intuition, journey and protection.

A message from a turtle would be: be patient and do not push yourself so fast that you miss opportunities. I am sharing with you my wisdom of knowing that all things come in perfect timing. Never give up but take it one step at a time.