September – Ayurveda goal – Security

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Ayurveda – the security goal


As the years slips by in its never-ending journey, we’re approaching another Ayurvedic season – this time it’s the turn of the security goal or Artha.

I’ve written two previous posts about Ayurvedic goals, so if you’re unfamiliar with the concept, take a quick look here (Ayurveda and the pleasure goal) and here (Ayurveda and the freedom goal).

There, I explain about Ayurveda’s four principals: Dharma (life purpose), Artha (security), Kama (pleasure) and Moksha (freedom).

Balance is the key to Ayurveda.

It’s considered to be the oldest healing science in the world, and forms the basis of many of today’s natural healing systems.

It teaches us to be more aware of ourselves and the world around us. We’re encouraged to be aware of what we put into ourselves throughout our lives with the aim of not just extending life but making our quality of life much better.

This time of year is all about the goal of Artha, or security.



What is security?

Security means all kinds of different things to different people.

It can mean financial security, it can relate to health, it can be about building walls and setting alarms to keep intruders out of our lives.

But when we’re focusing on Ayurveda, we really are talking about the basics when it comes to security. Every human being should be secure in terms of food, clothing and shelter.

We all need to earn enough money to cover the basics in life. We shouldn’t be dependent on someone else, if life allows. We should be self-sufficient for the very basics on life and survival.

According to the Ayurvedic goals, the very basics is all we need to attain contentment and security. With such security behind us, we can live meaningful, contented lives and contribute to the progress and wellbeing of our culture as a whole – not just a selfish, self-centred existence concentrated purely on our own needs.



Avoid over-indulgence

When it comes to material possessions, the human ego is at its weakest. Who can resist the urge to buy the best objects, the best clothing, the best food? And who doesn’t love the feeling of superiority the best things in life give us?

Attachment to ‘stuff’ can lead us into suffering because we become so dependent on the latest material objects that we begin to fear losing them.

A desire for wealth can turn into selfishness and greed all too quickly. Integrity is lost when greed and desire become the sole focus in life.



Enjoy life’s basics

If we have food, shelter and clothing, what more do we truly need?

I know it’s difficult to avoid the desire to collect more items, more symbols of status, more ‘stuff’. But self-regulation and control really are the keys to finding our true nature, our real contentment.

Take the time to connect with your true nature and all the material desires will begin to slip away. We can keep the baser aspects of our nature at bay by finding our higher nature and banishing greed and desire.

Greed, excess, waste – none of these things are good for cleansing the soul and living a contented life.

It’s a total falsehood to say that more accumulation leads to greater satisfaction.

Forget the greed, forget the desire and talk to me about connecting with your higher self – you won’t regret it for a second.



Rejecting greed and giving desire the cold shoulder,


Floriane x

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