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HappilyMoving is here to help people step into their power.

You already have it all. Express it. Embody it. Live it.


Here we believe that life can be seen through many different spectrum.

You just need to find the one that is yours.

This pure moment of flow

takes place in different shape or form.





Videos Programs

Books & cards

We all already know the answer.

It takes courage to face it.

It takes even more courage to take action based on that answer.

HappilyMoving stands for Freedom

See things differently.

Learn how to take decision based on what you deeply want rather than what you fear.



Freedom lies within us,

Freedom happens when we allow ourselves to express who we really are.



Become aware

of what you already know


your fears

(and your own little lies)


what no longer serves you


the version of yourself


your life