Sides of the Mind




♥How hard it is not to get caught in our thoughts?

our dear preventing, caring not-wanting-us-to-get-hurt thoughts; those thoughts.


  • ‘It never worked before’
  • ‘what did I have in mind?’
  • ‘It never works that way’
  • ‘That’s just so presomptuous’
  • ‘in that case push harder to make it happen’
  • ‘work harder’
  • ‘you’re wasting your time’
  • ‘You already tried this’


And it goes on and on and on…

We feel bad and we start spiralling down the emotional scale and feel powerless, das, frustrated, anger, depressed even.


That’s one side of our mental power.


♣ On another hand,

we can activate our inner power an talk kind, comforting, reassuring words to our mind and get better thoughts.

  • ‘You’ve done so much already’
  • ‘I’m so proud of you for trying’
  • ‘What happened in the past is in the past, let’s see the situation for what it is now’
  • ‘Have a war cup of tea you deserve it’
  • ‘Look how far you went!’
  • ‘You are so brave’
  • ‘Already done this? Wow’

And so on…


Now we are spiralling up and feeling hopeful, happy, proud, content, joyful, peaceful even.


Such a better side of our mental power!




♠ Now.

Imagine, as it is for a coin, that there was a third side to this mental power.

What would it be?

The now, nothing, everything, the power of the present moment.

  • ‘               ‘
  • ‘                                                                                                                                           ‘
  • ‘                                                                           ‘
  • ‘                          ‘
  • ‘                                                                                                          ‘


Comfortable silence. Just being here.

The power of the mind when used as a tool that can be switched on and off.


That feels liberating!

We can feel free, empowered, peaceful, present, alive! 



♦ It is your life, you are in charge. 

Get the help you need, find the friend you need, talk to the person you need, 

Practice mindful activities, read inspiring blogs or books, listen to inspiring audio, watch incredible people, 

Always, always, always remember you are worth feeling good and everything is in your power. 



With love,



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