small actions for small pleasure? Or what? Small and big together. A whole.

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Small actions, small pleasure but how infinite.

You are so great.

Life is amazing.

Sometimes just a few things are enough to make you understand it.

Understanding this idea of contentment is a hard step. But once you’ve got it. That makes hell of a difference.

I’ve always struggled with this idea. Contentment. For a while I thought that it would mean absolutely enjoying only the small things but in a sort of way where you are enjoying only the small things you are not interested in big, huge, and phenomenal. Because you know your worth, because you’re wise, because you’ve been trained with Tibetan monks or Buddhists. Anyway, I kind of had this idea in mind.

Dream big, achieving big was the path of lie and loss. You couldn’t reach a happy life that way. You had to appreciate small things and not dare dream of them to be bigger.

Do you see what I mean? I’m not entirely sure I do.


It is this idea of modesty, privation, opposite to abundance, minimalism.

I still do believe in some of these ideas.

But I have opened the door a little bit wider.

Dreaming big is not the issue.

Dreaming big without knowing about yourself is the issue. Dreaming big from fear, over joy.  Dreaming big from mind over soul. That’s the issue.

That’s what led our world to believe that we had to think small to protect ourselves… from ourselves!

Which is true. If you don’t do the work. If you’re not connected to your true self, this path is definitely immensely dangerous. Because with big comes power and it will look a lot like a child with nuclear codes. Not very safe for anybody.


But I do believe in freedom. I do believe in our heart. I do believe that life should be out of joy, never fear.


I’ve always wanted to understand, because with knowledge comes wisdom, most of the time. Especially if we’re talking about inner knowledge.

We are deeply kind, and seeking for love and happiness. In that case why would our innerself want to damage anything? Not true.

What does want it is our mind, who thinks out of fear to keep us alive, survival mode. Which I guess has been relevant in the first years… of our kind. Now, it might be time to give it a break.

No, if you’re running late for work, you’re not risking your life (unless you drive too fast to avoid this delay….). STOP STRESSING

No, if you say no to somebody supposedly more powerful than you are (aka hierarchy) he/she won’t rage against you and kill you instantaneously. STOP STRESSING

No, even in the worst case, if you’re losing your job, losing your house, losing your money, you still won’t be in an immediate death danger! Yes it won’t be cool, yes given what we’ve been taught it could be humiliating but at no point your body won’t survive to it. STRESS LESS

See, how many situations in our live are misjudged? Just because our survival program has been hacked.

We worship so much good behaviour, materialism, hierarchy that if we don’t do exactly what we are supposed to do, if we are not playing by the rules. Then we’re out. Which has been translated as “imminent death danger” by our mode. Which create a stress effect to keep us alive.

That can’t be a life? Any less a whole life! It’s not fair. Let’s give the stress and the mind its power back, and keep our body alive not our ideas, concepts, ideology. It is our role to be open-minded enough to understand, acknowledge any new situation for what it is.


Basically. Let’s take our power back.


Stop being afraid by the car’s headlight like a wild animal.


You know more than this.

You’re able to more than this.

You ought to be more than this.


Reconnect. Breathe deeply. You’ve got this. You always had, from the very beginning.


Floriane x

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