When I was a child, I wanted to be a magician.

Not the kind of magician that whips a bunch of flowers from up her sleeve or waves her magic wand over a top hat to make a rabbit appear.

No, I wanted to produce magic by making people happy, making people smile, spreading love as I went.

As an adult, I know that job just doesn’t exist. So, I chose the next best thing.

I chose awareness.

You see, I trained as a physiotherapist. I learned everything there is to know about the how the human body moves and works, and I settled down to treat people in my native country of France.

After a while, I realised that seeing patient after patient, for ten minutes each, for ten hours of every day simply wasn’t fulfilling my passion to help people.

I love people. I love interacting with them, learning their stories, sharing their dreams.

I love to connect with people and I always want to do my absolute best for everyone. And physiotherapy just wasn’t helping me to live that life. So, I travelled.

I took up yoga and meditation and I discovered myself. I learned what I liked and disliked. I allowed myself to be me. And that’s how I found, and fell in love with, the real me.

Here was a way of life that linked everything I deeply knew to be true. I’d found my calling. Life Coaching to empower and set people free.

Like basking in the sun with a nice book and a cup of green tea or diving in to a giant waffle covered with Nutella and whipped cream in the winter, I’d found something that fulfilled me, made me smile and helped me maintain a balance in life.

And I’d love to share my discoveries with you.