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Balance in everything

Morning thoughts:

The hardest thing isn’t to keep your balance. The hardest thing is to know where your balance is.

And to find out you have to try.

You may know the theory and heard of all made recipes before but you won’t know until you try it.

You have to try and fail.

Try, feel it and fail.

Try, know where to look at and fail.

Try and just fail again.

Try and keep your balance for longer.

Try again.

Lose it and find it again. Keep it and then loose it.

Losing your balance isn’t a shame.

It’s actually part of balancing.

The only thing that makes a difference is that when you’re really good at being balanced, you don’t let yourself lose your balance for too long, you are able to catch yourself in time and get back to it instantly.

So, keep seeking for your balance. Keep trying. And know that with every fail you come a little closer to your goal.

You will get to know your unbalance so well so you can choose not to get there.

Balance in everything <3

Speak soon,

Floriane x

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How do we make fear fit into our lives?

Well first of all, and I’m sure you already know it, balance is everything.

Maybe more than balance, I’d say harmony is required.

From Marie Kondo sparkling joy with her tidying techniques to Elisabeth Gilbert inspiring us to be true to ourselves through her books the message is the same: know yourself, know what works for you and relentlessly recentre yourself.

Know thyself – Socrates

But to get back to our specific topic: FEAR

Fear is essential to our survival.

Fear gives us energy.

Fear keeps us alive.

Fear is just the opposite of love.

What you fear is what you can work on, from childhood trauma to phobias counsellors and therapists do wonders.

How you acknowledge your fear and how you reparent yourself is also what you can work on, therapists and coaches are great teachers.

How you choose relentlessly to see the positive outcome, to learn from your experience and to trust yourself is how you start creating a life that suits you.

Like all emotions fear is an indicator, being able to recognize and analyse it is what makes you a great strongly centred human being.

As Michelle Obama said ‘I don’t want to live in a world based on fear’. Don’t let fear lead your life, it is just a tool, nothing more.

Use all the relaxations techniques that you know of, learn more about them if needed to go back to what you know is true:

You’ve got this.

It’s not finished until you remembered that. Every day. You can do it.

Floriane x