The Age of Humanity

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We are living a great era.

It is an Age of Transition.

You ought to listen to who you are and show it up to the world.

We live an era where convention and politeness and good manners took over our humanity.

We became shy and modest.

We fear the exclusion of any kind.

We struggle to stay in that nice wooden box somebody designed for us.

We became self conscious.

We became out centred.

We started to believe that everything we own, everything material was the end game. And that the more we have, the happier we would be.

We started to care more about money and Things.

We started to care more about how we look and what others would think about us.

We started to forget and lose our common sense.

We started to act without meaning nor intention.

somewhere along the way we became slaves of our mind.


And let me tell you this.


This Age is Over.


You can feel it. We all do.

You can feel uncomfortable.

You can feel this uneasiness.

You can feel that you want more.

More sense. More joy. More You.

You can feel this disconnection to what surrounds you.

You can feel that none of this makes much sense.

You can see the cross road.

You can feel that it is up to you. That you have to take a decision. And take action.

And you just don’t know where to go.

Because we forgot this ancient knowledge.

We lost our wisdom.

We relied on external knowledge.

Even when it came to our lives, ourselves.


Well, this is your lucky day.


You already know this.

You know what to do.

You know what is right.

You just need to FINALLY LISTEN to what YOU have to SAY.

And then do it.

TRUST who you are. 


The Age of Humanity has come.


An Age of balance. Light. Joy. and Happiness.


Struggling is over.

Fear is overrated.

Playing safe is out of question.

Anything that is not directly connected to who you ARE and what YOU want is out of question.


And this time is NOW.



You know it.


Floriane x

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