I’m happy to announce you that I will start providing top-up services in January 2019.


Quit worrying about money and services.

You’re in charge, you are responsible for the amount you spend.

You decide the amount. We talk about what you need. I come up with the best option for you so you can get the most of it.


You’d like having a massage and learning some exercises to do at home ? Fair enough.

You prefer 20min Pilates because 1h is too long ? Here I am.

You would like 3 classes of 20, 30 and 45 min and go online after the first ? Sure.

You enjoy only feet and back massage? Why not.

You want to talk about your health, your body and what you can do to improve ? Yep.


Choose the winning combination you’d like. And I’ll do my best with the price you set.

Choose yourself, your health, over worry.