Walk away

Be the girl who walks away.

Be whoever you want, who walks away.

Just walk away.

Walk away from your mind.

 Walk away from what you think you know.

Walk away from what you think you should be doing.

Walk away from what you think you should say, dream, think or be.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Your brain is tricking you. It always does.

Because it takes decisions based on what it experienced so far.

However, what you want, you have never done it.

Hence your mind cannot help you build what you've never experienced.

And if you listen too closely, you’ll never achieve what you’ve never done so far.

Make sure you step back from yourself.

Make sure you walk away from your mind.

You are more than that. You are also a body and a soul.

Make sure you give them a voice too.

Make sure you nurture and take care of them too.

Make sure you take the time to listen to them too.

You know more than you believe you do.

Hope and vision count.

You know what they say,

to achieve what you never did, you have to do what you’ve never done.

Thinking out of the box is not just a fancy and trendy thing. It is vital.

It is the essence of your success. It is you being able to think what doesn’t seem logical in order to achieve something completely new.


Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay 

Thinking differently is what will lead you toward your dreams. It’s where you’ll find the answers. It is where you‘ll get the solutions.

So come on, put your own shoes on.

And walk away. Relentlessly. Fiercely. Unapologetically. Happily.

Pave your path as you walk. And if something doesn’t make you happy, remember the means are as much important as the end, so walk away. Move somewhere else, in an another direction. You will build your dream as you go.

Embody each moment, be present to each moment, choose carefully what to do in each moment.

From the thoughts you create ideas. From ideas you create behaviour. From behaviour you create habits. From habits you create a life.

So walk away, as many times as you need to.

Be your own leader. Be your own lighthouse.

Make sure you guide yourself in the right direction. Your life is at stake.

Set up your own rules.

They are the only one worth living.

Walking away,

Floriane x

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