When it comes from within

Image credit : Couleur on Pixabay

Let me mirror you. Let me be there for you, with you, for a moment.

Let’s talk, let’s say everything that needs to be said.

Let’s bring clarity.

Let’s bring peace.

Let’s bring confidence.

Let’s make you shine. From within.

You already have all the answers, you know you. What prevents you from knowing it is just fear, well-behaved-little-girl-or-little-boy inside of you. But deep down, it’s not about seeking for an answer. And you know it.

Deep down it’s about making the peace with yourself and accepting what you’ve always known as true.

You know I’m right.

I’m speaking from my heart, from my soul, about what I know. I’ve experienced it. Many times. And it always comes down to one thing. Fear.

Fear can have many forms. Deception. Disappointment. Shame. Hurt. Sadness.

They are all NOT from joy and alignment. They are what you feel when you’re NOT honouring your soul. When you’re not honouring what you really know what’s true. When you’re trying to face the world with what you believe is expected from you.

I’ve got something for you.

Nothing is actually expected.


Or maybe one: just for you to be you. That’s the only real thing you’ve GOT to do.

Stop fearing. Stop minimising yourself. Stop believing that you’re not enough. Stop believing you’re never doing enough. You are.

And you also are you biggest, strongest support. When you’re not destroying yourself, double-guessing all of your decisions, slamming yourself for every bad decision that you think you took.


You got this.

You know it.

STOP doing so much, forcing so many things. Of course you can’t follow someone else advice or program, because you’re not supposed to be.

You ALREADY know. I know, I repeat myself.

But you need to hear this !


And another thing for you.

When you start truly expressing yourself. You are never wrong anymore. You’ll always be right. And you’ll always feel aligned. And nothing else will ever matter because everything will come from your deeper power. And you are EVERYTHING but wrong.

Your existence is RIGHT.

So why expressing yourself would not be?

If you find yourself struggling and driving yourself crazy as you think about all the many different options to solve a problem, to find an answer. Because nothing seems to be right. Because nothing fits.

I’ll be there. On or off-line. Meet me for an hour. Let’s share this moment together. And let’s accept together how awesome you are. You’re not alone. And you can face it, you can face who you really are. And you can accept how amazing you are. And how you’ve been so hard on yourself over those past few years.

It all comes from within.

You know. You already know. You always knew.

When it comes from within is £53 for one hour with me, on or off line, with always a warm cup of tea or coffee, to let you shine

PS : the online booking indicates online/phone appointment because I couldn’t add Cafe, but of course we can meet in Newcastle-upon-tyne and nearby too ! choose a slot and we discuss the details by email or text.