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Why me?

I believe the world deserves more of who we are. It deserves us owning who we are fully and completely.

I believe we can rise above the good and the bad. I believe this duality doesn’t exist if only in our mind.

Life taught me most of what I share.

I have learned how to guide by doing it myself before.

I have walked the path countless times, I have failed, tried, succeeded over and over again.

I am learning, and growing as I go and this is what I teach.

We are great as we are.

There is nothing wrong with us.

There is just learning, there is just life, there is just us moving through life easily and joyfully.

There is an inner peace a harmony that can be found everyday.

There are choices to be made everyday.

There is fun to have everyday.

There are values and needs to honour every day.

There is a way to truly live mindfully while making it easy and real to you.

We are all unique and there is a way for each and everyone of us.

I welcome you here.

Welcome to your life.

Listen, Read. Practice. Soak it up. Make it yours. Believe in you again.

Life can be good, infinitely.


My diplomas?

Mindfulness practitioner, Masseur Kinesitherapeute Diplomee d’Etat (French diploma), Shiatsu practitioner level 2, Massage therapist.

My qualifications?

mentioned above + rich life experience!

My skills?

Open-minded, detail-oriented, analytic + encompassing mindset, empathy, humour, holistic approach, physical + physiological knowledge, intuitive, solution based approach.

Questions? Email me now 🙂