You wouldn’t know me

You wouldn’t know me.

Even if you wanted it.

You wouldn’t.

Not because, of you. Just because of me.

And THIS, I think, is something we all share.


Busy living a life that we have. Busy dreaming about a life that we hope to have. Busy answering our ancient programs, old reflexes. Busy fitting and thinking in the box as soon as we don’t pay attention.

I’m talking about the smallest decisions. I’m talking about something you don’t even notice until it takes bigger proportions and you realise how uncomfortable it actually is.

We just never learn how to show up as ourselves in the world.

We learnt how to obey, how to make things, how to do. But nobody ever told us, as a ritual, that now we could unveil the mask. This never happens.


And we keep spending our time and taking our decisions based on child fears, following the lesson we’ve been taught, and never ever questioning them.


This happens all the time.

For all decisions you want to take, for all ideas you have, your mind jumps straight in the curve and gives you the best strategy as if you really wanted this. And you don’t even realise how inaccurate and far from your truth that is. Until you’ve taken the decision, build the project, spend the money, whatever it is. And then you realise, hell no, this is not really what I wanted. Sure it looks like it, but it’s not completely it. It is it seen through your mind old out of date version.


So that we actually don’t do what we really want to do. Because we actually don’t realise that by the time we take actions, the idea has been slightly transformed, without our consent, to fit into our limited childhood beliefs.

And then we don’t actually get a chance to get to know each other. Just a pale version, insipid and tasteless version. How sad!!!!


I’m telling you.

Let’s change it together. And show as we know we really are. As we know the highest version of ourselves is. This is accessible now. We don’t have to wait to work on it; we don’t have to be patient.

We just have to decide. And pay attention. Pay a very close attention to the neuronal connection and the thoughts that appears as soon as we have an idea. It might seem like nothing. But it is definitely changing your trajectory.

And millimetres by millimetres, this is how you end up so far away from where you wanted to go, initially.

So let’s make a deal.

I’ll do it.

You’ll do it.

And next time we see each other, I’ll be glad to greet the awesome person you really are.


With love,


Floriane x

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